You Need A Change: Design Features To Add Light To Your Kitchen Remodel

If you're in the process of remodeling your kitchen, don't forget to bring in the light. Many people make the mistake of creating a dark work space when they're designing their kitchens. Unfortunately, going dark in the kitchen isn't the best way to utilize the work space, nor does it create a welcoming environment. To create a homey atmosphere in your kitchen, you need to bring in the light. Here are four simple design elements you can add to the plans which will add much more light to your kitchen.

Start with the Windows

When it comes to bringing light into a kitchen, people often forget about the windows. You want to avoid that mistake. You can add plenty of natural light to your kitchen by increasing the size of your windows, and reducing the amount of window treatments you use. Adding a window over the kitchen sink, and a bay window in the dining nook, will add lots of natural light to your kitchen. Choosing shades instead of curtains for your window treatments will enhance the look of your kitchen, and allow you to utilize more of the natural light.

Add Recessed Lighting

If you haven't thought much about the lighting fixtures you'll use in your kitchen, you need to start. Lighting should be a key design element when remodeling your kitchen. Of course, you want the larger light fixture over your dining table, but you'll also need plenty of recessed lighting. Adding recessed lighting fixtures to your kitchen will provide you with the lighting you need in areas over the sink and cook station. Recessed lighting should also be installed near your kitchen cabinets.

Go With a Lighter Color

If you want to go from dark and dismal to light and cheery, you need to take care with the color you choose for your walls and cabinets. Choosing darker colors will give your kitchen a darker feel. However, when you go with a lighter color for the walls and cabinets, you'll brighten up the kitchen and give it a more wide open feel. Avoid dark and dreary by going with a lighter color.

Install a Skylight or Two

If you want to take full advantage of the natural light, don't forget to install a skylight or two in your new kitchen. Installing skylights will not only add ambiance to your kitchen, it will also provide you with additional overhead lighting, which is always useful.

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