Why Are Your Older Appliances Tripping Circuit Breakers?

A long time ago, the basic electric panel inside of a home was filled with fuses. However, every time an electrical device demanded a bit too much power, the fuse would blow and would have to be replaced. Thankfully, most modern homes now have circuit breakers instead of fuses, which means if something happens and there is a surge of power demand, the breaker automatically disrupts the current and you can flip it back on. If you have an older appliance that continuously trips the breaker, it can be an all-out frustrating situation. Here is a list of a few common reasons this could be happening in your home. 

Your appliance is simply demanding more power than the breaker can give. 

Newer appliances are designed to be as electrically efficient as possible, and it has been that way for quite some time. So in a modern home, you may have a breaker leading to your old refrigerator, stove, or clothes dryer that is not as big as the breaker would've used to have been with an older appliance. If you have an old appliance in a fairly new electrical setup, the problem very well could be that the appliance is an energy hog and the circuit can't handle that much of a load. 

There is something wrong with the circuit itself. 

If your breaker is continuously throwing, and you are positive the breaker is large enough to carry the load of the appliance, it is best to have the circuit checked by a professional electrician. There very well could be a fault in the circuitry that is causing the breaker to throw. If this is the case, it is actually dangerous to continue to try and force the breaker to function because it could be shortcircuiting behind the scenes, which is a fire risk. 

The breaker is not properly grounded. 

When a new breaker is installed in an electric panel, it has to be grounded by connecting it to a pigtail wire that carries the ground load for all of the breakers. If this wire detaches from the pigtailed main ground, it can cause the breaker to throw, especially if a large, energy-consuming appliance has high electricity demands. It can be difficult to tell when a ground wire attached to a breaker has worked its way loose, but you may spot a loose white wire left to dangle freely in the panel. 

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