Wiring up the Office to Install a New Data Center? What to Expect

When your company has decided to install a new data center rather than relocate the data center offsite, you are going to need a commercial electrician's help. There is a lot of wiring and cabling that needs to be done before the telecommunications company comes in to install the data centers. Here is what to expect.

Upgrade Current Fuse Boxes

All of the electrical lines that run into the building from outside run into the fuse/power boxes in the first floor utility rooms. From there, wires run up the walls and through the ceiling to each new power box on the next floor above. To accommodate a new data center, the boxes on the first floor will need amp/watt upgrades to manage the extra power demands created by the new data center towers. A commercial electrician typically starts this process outside, making sure the power grid control boxes outside can deliver extra power to the lines that run into your building. Then the electrician that offers commercial electrician services upgrades the power boxes inside the building.

Run New Wire and Cabling from the First Floor to the New Data Center Room

Next, the electrician has to wire in new wiring and new cabling, as needed. This starts in the first floor utility room of your building. The wires and cables are installed and connected to the power box(es) that will deliver the needed power. From that box (or those boxes), the electrician runs wires and cables up into the ceiling, which is typically covered in the lowered tray framework and manufactured ceiling tiles. The tiles are removed to reveal most of the wiring as it travels to various destinations and power boxes in the building. The electrician continues to unwind and install the wiring above until the wiring and cable reach the pre-appointed room for the new data center and its towers.

In the New Data Room

Some cables and wires are left hanging in space above the data room. They are inactive, but remain ready for the communications company to use. The communications company will then come in and connect these wires and cables either to the new data center towers and/or to a power box installed in the same room as the new data towers. Excess wire and cable are left this way so that there is enough length for these materials to reach the towers and the power box. It will take a commercial electrician the better part of at least one day to finish this work.