Installing A New Roof? Benefits Of A Prefabricated Roof Truss And Types Of Roof Truss Designs

If you are installing a new roof on your home, there are many things to consider. One of these things is to install a roof truss. One type of truss you can install is a prefabricated roof truss. Below are some benefits of installing this type of truss, as well as some different types of roof truss designs available.

Prefabricated Roof Truss Benefits

There are many advantages of choosing a prefabricated roof truss including:

Made by a Professional

In a traditional roof, the roofing contractor builds the roof frame and then the truss. You never know then if the roof truss will be designed correctly. Instead, a prefabricated roof truss is designed by roof engineers to ensure the design is correct. This will also ensure the roof truss goes well with the pitch of the roof and that the truss meets building codes.

Use High Quality Materials

The company that makes the prefabricated roof truss will ensure they only use high quality materials and that the truss will be durable and strong. Because the truss is made inside a building, the materials will not be exposed to outside elements, such as bad weather or wetness from rain.

Installed Quicker

Because the truss is premade, they can be installed much quicker than a roofing contractor building the truss while installing your new roof. This means your new roof will be on your home much quicker.

Prefabricated Roof Truss Designs

You will find there are many designs available with this type of roof truss. One type you will find is a raised heel roof truss. This type is taller, so it allows for you to add additional insulation on the outside edge of your home.

Hip roof trusses are used on a hip roof, and scissor roof trusses work well if you want to have cathedral ceilings in your home. Girder roof trusses are used if you want less load bearing walls in your home.

Gambrell roof trusses work well if you have a barn style roof, and mono roof trusses work well if you have a steep pitched roof.

If you want a larger attic, there are roof trusses called room in attic trusses. These trusses are in a design that allows the attic to be much larger than a traditional attic. Bowstring roof trusses are used on a barrel or rounded roof.

To learn much more about prefabricated roof trusses, talk with the service like Lighting of Georgia Inc. You can also do some research on your own online to help you.