Convert Your Attic Into A Bedroom With Help From An Electrician

When you initially moved into your home, you may have liked having a ton of leftover storage space and a spare bedroom. However, you may now be living in a home where your storage space is nearly full and the extra bedroom has a dedicated purpose.

If you are ready to get more use out of your house, you should consider converting the attic into a bedroom. While you will need to go through many steps to make this happen, you cannot go wrong with hiring an electrician because they can work on a variety of projects to get a new room setup.

Ceiling Fan

Since heat rises, you may know that your attic is a warm place. This is something that you can help address by installing a ceiling fan while turning the space into a bedroom. Since attics often have different dimensions than a typical bedroom, you will appreciate an electrician's ability to pick a ceiling fan that is safe to use and powerful enough to provide sufficient air circulation.


For an attic bedroom to be functional, you need to make sure that it has sufficient lighting throughout the day and night. While the windows may be able to do most of the work in the day by bringing natural light inside, you should install ceiling lights to help with light in the evening.

If you want an efficient lighting setup, you can choose a ceiling fan with a light fixture as this will prevent you from needing to install separate light fixtures inside the attic.


To charge devices and use electronics in the attic bedroom, you will need to install several electrical outlets. A smart idea is to distribute them evenly throughout the room so that you can plug in and use every electronic device where you want and not only where the outlets allow.


Adding a bedroom to your house means that your home will likely use more energy than before. If you are not sure whether your house needs more power to handle the room, you can get an electrician to inspect your electrical system to determine whether any extra power is needed. Increasing power is worth doing when you are getting close to reaching capacity because it will allow you to use electronics inside and outside the bedroom without concern.

While converting your attic to a bedroom, consider working with a local electrician like those at Palmer Electric Inc. because the information and services they provide can prove to be rather helpful.