7 Ways You Know You Have Faulty Wiring Issues In Your Commercial Property

Faulty wiring is hazardous. It is among the primary causes of fires in commercial properties, which cause fatal accidents and loss of property. As a business owner, you should inspect your house regularly to identify faulty wiring issues in good time and call a commercial electrician to repair them. Here are the seven common signs of faulty wiring to watch out for:

Circuit Breaker Breaking Too Often 

The circuit breaker trips when there is a power overload or surge. However, it can trip too much due to faulty wiring. If your circuit breaker is annoyingly tripping, you need to have the wiring inspected by an electrician. 

Flickering Lights 

Flickering lights are a sign of power overload on a circuit board. To address the issue, balance the electrical load on the different boards in the house. Commercial electricians usually test the electrical wiring to identify the source of the extra load and distribute the power effectively.

Shocking Outlets and Switches

Electrical shocks are dangerous. They can result from faulty wiring or a defective device. If you experience an electrical shock in your business property, contact a commercial electrician immediately. They will identify and fix the cause of the shock before it causes regrettable damages. 

Burning Smell

Electricity has an acrid or metallic odour that is very distinct. If you perceive a smoky smell from electrical appliances, switches, or outlet, that's a sign that the electrical system is defective. In this case, hire an electrician to identify the defects and repair or replace the wiring. 


When you plug in an electrical device and notice sparks, this is a sign of faulty wiring. Sparking is very dangerous and should be addressed with swiftness. Sparks on electrical outlets can increase rapidly and cause fires if left unchecked. Thus, you need to hire a linesman to contain the sparking immediately. 

GFCI Outlets

A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets protect the electrical systems from the damages caused by the abnormal flow of power. They are an important addition to any commercial building. However, most old buildings do not have these outlets, making them prone to electrical faults. 

Buzzing Noises 

If there is faulty wiring in your commercial property, you are likely to hear buzzing noises when using electrical gadgets. These noises occur when there are loose prongs in the outlets. Damaged wires and loose prongs can cause fires. In this situation, a commercial electrician might recommend re-installation of the wiring system or replacing the defective outlet. 

You need to consult a commercial electrician as soon as you notice the above signs, given the risks of faulty wiring. The electrician will conduct an inspection, identify the faults, and service the system to improve its effectiveness.